MAIC East Elevation Mural DRAFT

I See Generations: Keep Tobacco Sacred mural

The mural was painted by artists Gregg Deal (Pyramid Lake Paiute) and Votan Henriquez (Mayan and Nahua) using guidance from local Native youth. More than 100 Native youth provided input using themes of who they are, health, traditional tobacco, and their hopes for the future. These perspectives were used to shape the final design, which is a reminder to keep tobacco sacred. The mural reflects the strength of the community’s collective wisdom and hope for future generations. 

The piece was a collaboration between ClearWay Minnesota, the Native Youth Alliance of Minnesota, and community organizer Charlie Thayer. Further support was provided by the Minneapolis American Indian Center and Frank Downwind and Ozzie Snowdon from Little Earth of United Tribes. 

Before the Minneapolis American Indian Center’s extensive renovation, the 3,306 square foot mural lived on the eastern exterior wall of the center. During the renovation process, the mural was photographed and printed as a vinyl that now has a home in the Frances Fairbanks Memorial Gymnasium. The preservation and signage were made possible by Whitney Veigas Architectural Signage and through support from 3M. 

Source: For the Native youth of Phillips “there are a lot of possibilities out there to be a part of something” | the alley Newspaper