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Culture Language Arts Network (CLAN)

Culture Language Arts Network (CLAN)


Culture Language Arts Network (CLAN) utilizes American Indian culture as a prevention tool. American Indian youth, adults, and families participate in cultural activities allowing them to learn and practice our cultural traditions and language. 

Our activities are infused with Ojibwe/Dakota language and rooted in traditional teachings. If you’re interested in collaboration or partnership opportunities, please reach out at clan.maic@gmail.com

Please note that all our events maintain a strict zero tolerance policy for tobacco, alcohol, and other substance abuse. Furthermore, all our events and activities are free and open to the public, and we extend a warm welcome to everyone.

What does CLAN offer?

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Language Classes

We offer a variety of language classes for adults and youth to learn Ojibwe and Dakota.

Adult Intro Ojibwe:  Monday’s 5-7 p.m. CST
Intermediate Ojibwe: Tuesday’s 5-7 p.m. CST
Youth Intro Ojibwe: Thursday’s starting January 2023
Adult Intro Dakota: TBD
Intermediate Dakota: TBD
Youth Intro Dakota: TBD

Youth Ojibwe and Dakota Language, Technology, and Cultural Projects

CLAN hosts two Family Fun Nights and a Powwow each quarter.

Family Fun Night

Family Fun Night is a themed Ojibwe and Dakota language-infused monthly event. It is held each month except for months where there is a scheduled powwow.

The events are offered virtually and in-person and consist of an Ojibwe and Dakota language wordlist, art supplies, and meal kits. Family Fun Night is promoted on the CLAN Facebook page and on our Events page.

Each event consists of the following segments:
  • Primary focus revolves around cultural and traditional teachings
  • Indigenous food demonstration
  • Cultural art activity
  • Physical activity
  • Dakota and Ojibwe language infusion


Powwows are quarterly and details are posted on the CLAN Facebook page and our Events page.

Drum and Dance

Weekly on Wednesdays from 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.
Current location while the center renovations are underway:
Bdote Learning Center
3216 E 29th St, Minneapolis, MN 55406

CLAN Drum and Dance provides:

  • Drum instruction
  • Dance instructors

Dance categories include: Hoop Dance, Woman’s Fancy, Women’s Jingle, and Grass Dance.
A great time to practice, learn, and prepare for the powwow season.


CLAN offers educational videos featuring guidance from esteemed community elders and respected adults on the expected roles and behaviors of young women and young men. These videos cover topics related to traditional views on alcohol, tobacco, and other substance use. The videos are featured on CLAN’s YouTube page.

Hosts: Jonathan Buehlmann, Lumhe “Micco” Sampson, and Miiskogihmiiwan Poupart-Chapman

Film and Art Festival

The festival is an annual event that showcases youth language infused technology projects pertaining to language and culture. It is a way to get involved with our family friendly Dakota and Ojibwe cultural and language services. 

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Cheryl Secola

Program Director
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David “Memegwesi” Sutherland

Language Coordinator and Ojibwe Language Instructor
(612) 879-1700

Jonathan Buehlmann

Prevention Activities Coordinator
(612) 879-1700

Miiskogihmiiwan Poupart-Chapman

Program and Tech Assistant
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Hoksicala Cante Ma Yuha "Sonny" Metcalf

Technology Assistant and Data Manager
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Open position

Dakota Language Coordinator