Incorporated as nonprofit in 1974, the Minneapolis American Indian Center has a rich history as one of the first urban American Indian Centers in the country providing services otherwise often unavailable for urban American Indians. The Minneapolis American Indian Center was initially formed by community members, and continues its roots today with majority American Indian leadership and staffing.

The Minneapolis American Indian Center is focused on serving a large and tribally diverse urban American Indian population, numbering well over 35,000 in the eleven County Minneapolis-St. Paul metro areas. Our mission is lived through programs that are guided by strong Native values that include preserving and supporting cultural traditions through the arts, and intergeneration programs promoting healthy lifestyles.

Guiding Values
o Identifying and celebrating our history, traditions and cultural strengths
o Respecting the wisdom of our elders
o Following the spiritual principles of our people
o Fostering the belief that life can be better for all generations
o Collaborating with all facets of our community and others
o Respecting our differences and working to do what is right for our people

Provide excellent services that help meet the needs of the American Indian community within a foundation of cultural values