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Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act

Services Note: Hennepin County residents are served by American Indian OIC/Takoda Prep and reservation residents are served by their respective tribal programs.   Intake assessment for career and employment planning Assistance with GED Assistance with short-term training in areas of high demand On-the-job training Job development/placement Employment incentive awards     Eligibility Enrolled in — […]

Culture Language and Arts Network

(CLAN) utilizes American Indian culture as a prevention tool. American Indian youth ages 8 to 18 (who have not had a Rule 25 assessment) and their families participate in cultural activities, allowing them to learn and practice our cultural traditions. These activities include:   Local cultural events Monthly Family Fun Nights Pow-wows Drum and Dance […]

Ginew/Golden Eagle

A year-round after-school program at MAIC that provides culturally-specific curriculum designed to enhance the resiliency of American Indian youth aged 5-18. Our participants are eligible for transportation to and from the program if they live or attend school within the program’s transportation boundaries (i.e. South Minneapolis). Furthermore, participants’ friends who may not identify as American […]

Native Fitness and Nutrition

The Native Fitness and Nutrition (FAN) program works to reduce health disparities in the local American Indian community by reducing the prevalence of obesity and obesity-linked diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Eligible participants are American Indians above the age of 8. Services Physical fitness activities including basketball, volleyball, walking groups, circuit training, […]