Culture Language and Arts Network

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The goal of the Culture, Language and Arts Network (CLAN) is to reduce substance abuse among at-risk urban American Indian youth by offering experiences that both challenges the youth and helps them reconnect to their culture.

In particular, youth whose parents/guardians/family members have a history of substance abuse are at-risk for developing substance abuse problems. We encourage youth and their families to participate in building resilience within the family system.


As the program name suggests, CLAN utilizes American Indian culture as a prevention tool. American Indian youth ages 8 to 18 (who have not had a Rule 25 assessment) and their families participate in cultural activities, allowing them to learn and practice our cultural traditions. These activities include 

  • Local cultural events
  • Monthly Family Fun Nights
  • Pow-wows
  • Drum and Dance
  • Language Tables and Classes
  • Alcohol, tobacco and other drugs (ATOD) education.

In these activities, an elder or knowledgeable adult offers their skills and shares their knowledge with youth and their families. Additionally, eligible families have opportunities to participate in field trips to culturally-relevant or sacred sites.



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Cheryl Secola Program Director
(612) 879-1783


Memegwesi  Language Instructor
(612) 879-1743


Manners WhiteEagle  Activities Coordinator


Miiskogihmiiwan Poupart-Chapman  Internship Coordinator


Rebecca Jackson  Program Assisstant


Lumhe Micco Sampson  Program Support