Bemaadizijig Omaa Akiing (BOA)

Ginew/Golden Eagle Program Youth Activities Coordinators offer additional support services to youth leaders through a program called Bemaadizijig Omaa Akiing/Makȟs Akaŋ Wičhoni/Living Beings of the Earth (BOA). Through BOA, they offer one-to-one support/mentorship and case management in these areas:

  • School (attendance, grades, participation, goals)
  • Community (relationships, culture, leadership, community service)
  • Self (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual).

BOA’s mission is to empower youth leaders to be good relatives for their families, schools, community, and most importantly, themselves. BOA does this by teaching mino bimaadiziwin/wakaŋ wičhoni/the way of the good, sacred life through traditional cultural opportunities, attention to schoolwork, community leadership service, and more.

BOA’s hope is that this additional support will highlight the importance of youth leaders’ goals and help them follow through with an action plan to reach those goals.

To ask questions about or to participate in the program, contact BOA’s program leaders:

Misha Loeffler
(612) 879-1783 

Aaron Hammerly
612) 879-1776