GINEW/Golden Eagles program

October 29, 2020 @ 11:30 am – 4:30 pm

The Ginew/Golden Eagle Program is a year-round after-school program at MAIC that provides culturally-specific curriculum designed to enhance the resiliency of American Indian youth aged 5-18.

Our participants are eligible for transportation to and from the program if they live or attend school within the program’s transportation boundaries (i.e. South Minneapolis). Furthermore, participants’ friends who may not identify as American Indian are welcome to participate in our culturally-focused program.


Boozhoo/Hau Golden Eagles Families!

We are planning on what the upcoming school year will look like for us, you, and your
children! The Ginew/Golden Eagle Program will provide educational help during the school day,
because most, if not all, MPS Schools will be starting off with Distant/Remote Learning. Our
group time is changing, along with the days for when the younger kids and teens will be


2. Practice social distancing when you’re not attending Group. If you are attending
activities around large crowds of people, please take it upon yourself to not come to
Group, as you are now putting people at risk.
3. Parents will need to call staff when they arrive. Parents will be required to walk their
children to the front doors.
4. We will be checking temperatures as soon as you enter the building. Please wait for the
temperature to be checked before leaving. If the child exceeds the 100 degree limit, they
will not be able to participate in the day’s activities.
5. Sanitize hands.


1. SPACE IS LIMITED! There is a 10 child capacity for Group. We hope to be able
to have more participants once we feel it is safe.
2. There will be NO pick ups or drop offs in vans from Golden Eagles until further
notice. Families will be responsible for getting their child to Group.
3. Calls will happen every Monday to confirm kids for the week.
a. If we do not hear from families by 4 pm on monday, we will be contacting
other families who are on the Waiting List.
4. Calls will happen the day of the group from 10 – 11:00 am for confirmation but
feel free to call us for confirmation.


Please contact a Golden Eagles staff member for more information on applying for this program. Limited space at this time!

Ginew/Golden Eagle Staff

Main Line: (612) 879-1708
GE Cell: (612) 308-6314 

Julie Green 
Program Director
(612) 879-1765

Yeeleng “G” Vue
Tobacco Prevention Coordinator
(612) 879-1772

Ashley Cook
Ginew/Golden Eagles Youth Coordinator
(612) 879-1766

Teanna Rouillard 
Promise Fellow